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What Should Women Wear When They Have An Apple-Shaped Body?

What Should Women Wear When They Have An Apple-Shaped Body?

An apple-shaped body has a fat accumulation at the abdomen side, whereas legs and arms are slim. Women who have this body shape often feel frustrated while finding the right clothes that make them classic and stylish. In the freedom of expression world due to irregular body structure, they cannot wear anything. They are very choosy when it comes to dressing. This blog is a complete guide for all the women who are struggling with clothing due to an apple-shaped body. Here, we are going to tell you what clothes you can wear without thinking about your body shape. Ladies, you can be confident and look good in these clothes that we have mentioned below. So, let’s get started.

Choose Loose Clothes

We are not suggesting you wear loose clothes because you have an apple-shaped body. The reason behind it is that you will get a variety of patterns and designs which are based on the latest fashion easily that perfectly suits you. You don’t need to hustle-hard to find the clothes; if you pick loose clothes, you will get plenty of options. The fashion industry has only considered loose clothes for an apple-shaped body because they gently glide on the tummy and never make you feel discomfort while traveling, or sitting. Choosing loose clothes can be your trump card because you easily hide the fatty tummy area.

Emphasize your legs

Since your legs are slimmer than your upper body, you don’t need to hide them by wearing maxi dresses. Just emphasize them by wearing short skirts, mini skirts, and short dresses. If you go for a skirt, then you purchase a high-waistline that will cleverly hide your abdomen area. You can finish this look by wearing accessories like a watch, a bracelet, and a carry bag. To look more dressy, you can layer this look by wearing a long boyfriend shirt that covers your back body in a good way.

Choose the right tops

V-neck tops and shirts are the best choices for your body shape. V neck has a quality, it lengthens your figure, thus making you slim. And they are the best apple body shape clothesNever wear a crop top or tank top if you have an apple-shaped body. Always wear a tunic and long tops because they don’t make your tummy visible. If you love to wear shirts, then you can purchase oversized shirts that only help you to hide your belly fat but also give you a smart look. Keep in mind, while purchasing tops and shirts, never take hard fabric because it not only makes you feel discomfort but also makes you look full. So, you always purchase loose fabric-based clothes. When it comes to colors, always give preference to the light texture.

Choose Correct Pants

Ladies, you have to avoid skinny jeans and leggings, because they don’t work. They are only a good choice if you wear long tops and tunics. If you want to look fashionable, you have to choose loose-fitting clothes like bootcut or flared pants. They don’t divide your fat into two parts. When it comes to fabric, always choose stretchy material. A mid to high rise pants is also the best choice for you. If you want to create a curve, then you can go for paper bag style pants. If you have a side fastening, then you can go for wide-leg trousers/pants.

Choose Jackets

A jacket over loose clothing based tops and dresses make you look classy and stylish. Avoid double-breasted jackets because they make you full. A duster coat and cotton shrug are the best choices on a regular wearer.

Don’t forget to choose footwear and accessories

To finish your look, you need to wear the right footwear that goes evenly with your outfit. If you are wearing a V-neck top and blue denim jeans, then wear flats. If you are wearing tunics with skinny jeans, then high-heels suit this outfit. If you don’t want to wear heels or wedges, you can prefer flats and shoes in any outfit.

When it comes to accessories, you are free to wear any accessories as per your styling sense. Whether you want to wear a bracelet with a casual look or watch on dresses, it’s completely up to you.

Final Say

We hope this comprehensive guide on an apple body shape clothes helps you a lot. If you have an apple-shaped body with great legs, you can get away with anything on the bottom. Whether you want to wear skinny jeans, boot cut jeans, high-waist jeans, distress jeans, and so forth. When it comes to upper wear, focus on the material that offers more structure. Like wearing loose clothing based on a V-neck top is the perfect cloth for you. Because it hides your tummy area and also makes you feel comfortable all day. You will get all the stylish clothes for an apple-shaped body at Yishion Clothes.